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Telecom Consultant: How to Become One

A telecom consultant is a professional who specializes and works in the telecommunications industry and is responsible to help companies select telephone, video services and data communications equipment needed in their business. They are normally hired in a project-based manner; this position is also known as telecommunications specialist when hired full-time by telecommunications companies. People who are blessed to work in this position are responsible for reducing the expenditures of the company and creating cost-effective telecommunication systems. Telecom consultants also provide recommendations to assist companies in managing costs and are also responsible to update the systems when latest equipments become available in the market.

Job description

Most companies looking for telecom consultants are from the fields of manufacturing, insurance, and banking. The services that these consultants provide become much more important once clients adapt the need to send and receive overseas information related to their business. Normally in this situation, a company hires professionals to assemble and work on complicated telephone networks, video terminals, facsimile equipments, and computers that can transmit paperwork and voices overseas. A telecom consultant is also expected to be knowledgeable in advancements in telecommunications system equipments and is able to identify a business’ changing nature and also be able to relate it to technology available at hand. They must also possess a certain expertise in order to solve specific internal problems and can also come-up with new initiatives in handling these problems.

How to become one

Possessing a university degree in telecommunications engineering, economics, and business engineering can help you bag the position of becoming a telecom consultant. When applying for the job, having a master’s degree is also an advantage and good resume information. Having a few years of experience that involves internal projects and initiatives is also an edge. Companies are also quick to hire candidates with technical training given the fact that there is currently a shortage in finding competent consultants. Engineering and computer science majors are also preferred for the job. Also, another quick way of landing the job is by having marketing and sales experience in related industries.

Job Advancement Possibilities

Because of the boom in the technology, job opportunities for these professional gets better as more and more companies are seeking the services of telecom consulting firms. Individuals who are qualified particularly in product design and research can move up the ladder and become project or department heads. They can also be given the chance to move into management. Individuals who specialize in marketing and sales can also move up to management positions. And those given a much greater opportunity can open their own consulting business. Because related industries are continually expanding, employment outlook is seen in a positive way as companies continue to search for competent telecom specialists.