- Telecommunications

A World Without Telecom

Telecom, the most important activity in our daily lives, is actually the way we communicate to other people in our society and the world. We use several devices to reach out to other people such as mobile phones, television, radio and the Internet. What will happen if all of a sudden, the world will lose its means of telecommunications? What happens if all of a sudden our modern gadgets would stop working? If these events happen, is there a way for use to convey our message towards that specific person?

When all else fails, only one thing will happen. We would go back to the times when there was no electricity and no telephones or Internet. Even with the absence of modern devices and gadgets, the people will not stop communicating. During the earlier times where telephone is not yet available, telecommunication involved audio signals like drum beats and lung-blown or whistle and visual signals like smoke and signal flags. Why do you think that even without the use of gadgets they still understood each other?

Our modern gadgets only aid us in doing effective communication. It enhances the distance that we are able to reach at a significantly short time. Without telephones or the Internet, the messages that we need to transmit to the other side of the world would take months before it reaches the intended recipient.

The faster the communication process between people would be, the faster would be the progress of the world. Hence, the world without modern devices used for telecommunication won’t stop progressing all at once. The world will start to slow down in progress and people will go back to the time when the only ones they were interacting were the people living in their immediate vicinity.

Would you like to live in that kind of society?