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Nicocure Reviews: Pros and Cons of the Popular Nicocure Patch

From the looks of it, the new quit-smoking patch Nicocure is another one of those cure-all wonder drugs, with a list of promises that may just be too good to be true. For some people who have tried it however, it seems to be the much-awaited answer for finally kicking their nicotine habit – for good.

So far, Nicocure reviews have been fairly positive. There are a lot of people standing by this all-natural patch. Before you decide to use it, however, you should weigh all sides and read this summary of select Nicocure reviews.

Nicocure: Is it really superior to other patches?

Before going into the Nicocure reviews, a little introduction might help. Nicocure is a stop smoking patch administered pretty much the same way as nicotine patches. The big difference is that Nicocure does not contain any nicotine; its main ingredient, Lobelia inflata, only gives the same effect as nicotine in terms of relaxing the nerves and in acting as a depressant. Its common name is “Indian Tobacco,” but ironically, it isn’t tobacco however. Tobacco comes from the genus “Nicotiana,” while Nicocure’s main ingredient comes from the genus Lobelia.

Pro-Nicocure Reviews:

Most Nicocure reviews explain exactly how the patch works. Aside from relaxing your nerves, it also makes the taste of cigarettes seem terrible – and that’s an effective way of keeping you away from the smoking habit. Experts who are pro-Nicocure often write Nicocure reviews that enumerate its benefits. These experts say that the patch can actually clear your lungs and system of the bad effects of nicotine. They also say that it aids your body in the healing and repairing process.

Is this true? Perhaps so. Native Americans have long been using Lobelia to treat respiratory and muscle disorders. Today, Lobelia is also used to treat Asthma and food poisoning. Out of all the claims about Nicocure, helping clear your lungs is probably the most supported, in history, and in most people’s Nicocure reviews.

Anti-Nicocure Reviews:

Some experts who are against Nicocure don’t see why an all-natural ingredient would be so attractive for quitting smoking. After all, tobacco is also processed from an all-natural ingredient. They are dried leaves, lest we forget. Nicotine high, in a sense, is “natural” high. These anti-Nicocure experts also say that while the patch has all-natural ingredients, it still has the ability to be addictive if used incorrectly. This would cause more harm than good in the long run.

The curious thing about Nicocure is that it seems to work as a substitute for cigarettes or Tobacco. It’s not called the “Indian Tobacco” for nothing. Some experts worry that once you get into this patch, you’ll hate the taste of cigarettes or Nicotine, but love Lobelia and its effects so much that you will want to continue the patch even if you don’t need it anymore. Obviously, consumers will have to use discretion and common sense when on any sort of “quit smoking” patch.

In closing, it’s only fair to point out that as with all products, experiences will vary from person to person. Because of this reason, the makers of Nicocure offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. Sometimes testing something for yourself (as long as it’s safe) is the only true way of determining what works, regardless of what you read in other Nicocure reviews.