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Textile Industry in Singapore

Any textile industry needs Harmonized System Codes (HS Codes) that are a government-synchronized structures used to categorize products and their equivalent tariffs. Before exporting the textile goods one needs to settle on these codes that apply to it.

Textile industry in Singapore is more likely to become accustomed to repositioning operations to manufacture centers in low wage countries. If the nearby location is chosen benefit is sure to come. Funds in the local industries have started growing high. The important global textile traders of Singapore have started working hard for competence expansions and up gradation. The quality of the products of textiles industry in Singapore is high as it focuses on the suppliers in terms of cost, quality and efficiency rather than the suppliers offering shorter lead for market immediacy.

Textile industry in Singaporeis a race and the up-and-coming conquerors shall be the companies who will definitely be able to convey large amount from incorporated organization through enterprise and other endeavors. The increase in exports of textiles from developing countries is no doubt a good sing. Following are the future facets of the textiles industry in Singapore:

  • Multifunctional textiles
  • Intelligent textiles
  • Eco-textiles
  • E-textiles
  • Customized textiles

Textile industry in Singapore has certain rules called SINGAPORE FASHION RULES, which were commenced by Textile & Fashion Federation of Singapore (TaFf). These rules enable TaFf to display the local innovative talents and assist them to gain acknowledgment both locally and internationally. This is done to remind the consumers that Singapore Fashion designers have everything that is needed to compete with foreign brands.

Textile industry in Singapore has launched a landmark program for their creative designers. In 2005 a program called ACCESS USA started as a part of TaFf’s continuing labors to help the local designers to get adapted into the USA market. This program assists the local creative designers to tactically instigate and expand their business in the USA. This is a 24 months Program to provide support and backing to the preferred efficient creative designers from Singapore Fashion Week and promote them into the USA market. An US consultant is appointed according to this program. His task is to help out those chosen designers to organize their collections and advertising promotional resources as well as to assess and advise the appropriate sales area for those selected designers.